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101 IN 1001 | Anastasia Vintage

101 IN 1001

I came across a 101 in 1001 post on the blog of a fellow Canadian, Erika over at Erika, Eventually(formerly Plaid & Tartan). Since I’m a fan of making lists, and an even bigger fan of goal-setting, I decided to create one of my own! My hope is that, with your help, making a list of 101 things I’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days (which works out to about 2.75 years) will keep me accountable to actually doing them.

Here’s to doing more of the things that will help me be the person I’ve always said I want to be 🙂

Starting date: November 2, 2017
Ending date: July 30, 2020

1. Have a child or two
2. Write a letter to my teenage self
3. Write a letter to my child (before he/she is born)
4. Have a tech-free weekend
5. Get a yearly physical and twice yearly dental check up
6. Teach someone how to do something

7. Join a women’s bible study group
8. Volunteer monthly at a soup kitchen or some other venue where I can cook for others
9. Participate in Operation Christmas Child each year
10. Sponsor a child through Compassion International
11. Go on another mission trip
12. Be involved in children’s ministry at church
13. Read through the Bible
14. Do another Daniel Fast
15. Attend a women’s or couples’ retreat

Family & Friends:
16. Host a dinner party each year
17. Go on a trip with girl friends or another couple
18. Visit the Gaitors, Weissbergs, and Banks in Florida
19. Visit my uncle and cousins in England
20. Take a road trip with my sister
21. Send out Christmas cards each year
22. Fix a broken relationship – done (12/10/2014)
23. Do something special for each immediate family member
24. Send anonymous flowers to someone
25. Host Thanksgiving dinner

26. Finish my Ph.D.
27. Attend a blogging conference/workshop/event
28. Start co-hosting a weekly link party
29. Guest post on five blogs
30. Get and stay three blog posts ahead
31. Figure out how to get products to do reviews and/or sponsored posts
32. Figure out how to monetize our blog, then do it
33. Host 10 guest bloggers
34. Get at least 50 items in the Etsy shop and maintain that minimum
35. Get 500+ shop favorites on Etsy
36. Get 2000+ Facebook likes for AV

Money stuff:
37. Pay off at least 1/2 of my debt
38. Buy a house
39. Put $10 in savings for each task accomplished
40. Go one month without eating out
41. Throw/give away 10 things and do not replace them
42. Start a retirement fund

Travel & Entertainment:
43. See two musicals
44. Visit five new museums/art galleries
45. See an IU theatre/ballet performance
46. Travel to France or Greece
47. Visit Boston again
48. Travel to Brazil or South Africa
49. Attend an outdoor concert or movie each summer
50. See an NBA game
51. See a professional soccer match

Fitness & Fun:
52. Become a certified Zumba instructor
53. Do a Color Run
54. Eat at Butter & The Darby
55. Meet Alex Guarnaschelli
56. Do another salsa performance
57. Grow my nails and (maybe) start wearing nail polish
58. Find a good natural hairdresser
59. Build a snowman
60. Get a facial
61. Take a aerial fitness class
62. Take a wine + painting class
63. Ride a horse
64. Go to a driving range
65. Conquer my fear of go-karts and/or bumper cars
66. Go camping
67. Visit a local winery
68. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
69. Go sailing
70. Assemble and fly a kite
71. Send/receive 10 postcards via Postcrossing
72. Read The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, and the complete works of the Bronte sisters.
73. Decorate a cake for a real occasion with fondant and buttercream
74. Buy Eric a suit from Express
75. Sing in public again (solo or group)
76. Take a couples’ cooking class

For my home:
77. Finish our wedding album
78. Paint/refinish three antique pieces for my own home
79. Sew something for my husband and child(ren)
80. Get the house more organized
81. Start and maintain an herb garden
82. Start using my slow cooker at least once per week
83. Purge closet and donate unworn/unwanted
84. Clean out the car weekly

85. Learn to play chess
86. Learn enough electric skills to be able to create a lamp from a random object
87. Learn to make non-grainy caramel
88. Learn to make pad thai
89. Learn to make roti like my mom
90. Learn to sew – started 11/18/2014
91. Learn a piece on the piano
92. Learn to do my right and left splits again
93. Learn to change a tire
94. Learn some basic sign language
95. Improve my Spanish enough to have a conversation with a child
96. Find French practice partner
97. Read a book about real estate investment
98. Spend some time at the library every weekday for two months

And lastly:
99. Take a photo for each task accomplished
100. Create a collage when I’ve finished all of the tasks
101. Inspire someone else to start their own list 🙂 (Join our link party below if you do!)

I’ll be updating the list with my progress as I go – stay tuned and see how I’m doing (or give me a kick in the pants!) Follow my journey on Facebook – I’ll be using hashtag #AV101 🙂