Dollar Store Decor – Romantic Wall Art!


Here it is – my final Dollar Store Decor post! I really like this one, hope you feel the same! (Because you know we bloggers are needy like that!) Or maybe that’s just me..

I am getting ready to enter Living With Lindsay’s Dollar Store Challenge. The challenge is to make some kind of decor with only $5 worth of items from the Dollar Store.


And once again – I would ask if you are also entering the challenge please don’t use my ideas :) Now on to the project! I started out with these tin “silver” platters – they came in some different shapes. I am showing a round one, which I didn’t use. Because as usual, I was too impatient to get started to remember to take the before pics!

Dollar Store plate

Pretty classy huh? I already had some Heirloom White spray paint, which as we know makes everything more beautiful. Hmmmm… if I sprayed it on my face..I painted 3 of the platters the Heirloom White. At this point I still wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the platters. I thought I might just hang them on the wall as is, but it seemed a little plain.

Something else was needed… So I headed back to the Dollar Store,and  found these vinyl wall stickies  – And the wheels began to turn in my head…

vinyl wall stickies

As you can see – once again impatient! I had it cut out and ready to go when I remembered I needed to take a picture! So I put one on each of the platters – Here they are laid out on my bed -and I am loving them!! Ok – they aren’t exactly high quality amazing pieces of art – but for a total of $4 they are nothing to sneeze at!! At least that’s my opinion, and I do alot of sneezing..

Dollar store platters

I put some of that spongy sticky tape on the back of each one – the unpainted back, as you can see..

spongy sticky on back

Then put them on the wall in our Master bedroom – I had a little scroll thing I put at the top.

hang them on wall

second platter on wall

hang them all three on wall

Master bedroom look

So what do you think?? I love them! I think they are cute in a cozy cottage kind of way!


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