The Beadboard Headboard


The Beadboard Headboard

Right after we finished our master bedroom late last year, my hubby’s dad was moving across the country and getting rid of a ton of his stuff. He sent his bed to us, a nice pretty new king bed frame, box springs and mattress. It was nice to have our new big to us bedroom to put it in. I was in love with the idea of having a side of the bed that didn’t have anyone else’s extremities in it while I am sleeping. Since one or both of my not really babies anymore still show up in my bed on a couple mornings a week, I also liked the idea of not waking up unable to move because of a creaky back or legs from sleeping funny because of sideways bodies and flinging arms.


We moved the bed in and it was wonderful.

Then we got to work on the master bathroom. For some reason – don’t ask me why, he’s usually very good at math – hubby bought one too many sheets of beadboard for the bathroom. With that spare $20 piece of paneling, we decided to make a headboard. If you think this is going to be some long DIY post, it’s not. We didn’t make anything. It’s not really a headboard. It’s just beaded board on the wall with trim around it.


It frames the bed nicely and makes a statement. I don’t know what statement or even what that means, but it just seems like it does so I am telling you it does. It’s certainly more interesting than a boring wall behind our bed with nothing, I know that.

Beadboard Headboard

We used the same trim around the beadboard as is around the windows and doors in the room. And, of course, the beadboard matches the adjoining bathroom so I get to say that it’s all nice and cohesive.

It ended up being just the simple solution we needed for this space so that we didn’t have to spend a boatload of dollars on a bulky real headboard. My hubby’s favorite part is that it means this is now the one room in the house that I can’t do my favorite thing ever – move furniture around.

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