Beautiful DIY Nightstand


Sooooo I made some tables! Im pretty happy with these bad boys. Im turning into a regular Bob Vila…..Remember Bob Vila from this old house?? blah, I hated that show as a kid, never mind I dont want to be Bob….lol.

Finished nightstand

I actually finished these a little while ago, but I started a new job a few weeks ago and have not found time to share these lovelies with you guys. But today I have time, or I think I have time but it could be that I’m actually forgetting to do something I should be doing. This is a real possibility. meh, oh well.

Ok so remember the bed I made? If you don’t, go see my herringbone bed cause its RAD and I made it so that makes it even cooler AND you can make one too, extra cool! Well After making that I decided to make some tables to go with it. So I headed over to and read and re-read her plans for her Farmhouse bedside tables, then I got to work.


This isn’t a tutorial, if you want your own DIY nightstand, head on over to to find the FREE plans for these tables and so so so much more! Her site is amazing. And if you aspire to make anything out of wood, go there first. She has a ton of free plans to use.

Nightstand DIY

I did make a few changes to her plans. First change was making it smaller. Hers is 28″ wide, I put mine down to 20″. I also dropped the shelf down and added slats instead of the solid piece. And lastly I added the “X” on the sides of the table. All very simple to do with a little pre-planning and some simple math. These tables ended up costing me about 45$ each. A deal! I am quite happy with the shape, but do plan on roughing up the finish in the future to make them a little but more worn looking. They are too white. In my world of snotty dirty kids and animals everywhere, I think clean white is just to blinding on my eyes, its not something I see a lot of around


So those are them. I love them. Its so nice not having to reach down to the floor to turn off my alarm clock. What a luxury! I’m already making up plans for a console to match, and a bed for my daughter. This wood working biz is addicting. I bought myself a few new tools and its soooo exciting when you get to use them. If you want to try making something, I totally suggest going for it. I think everyone has the skill, and its so fun.

What would you make first if you could make anything at all??