DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet


I LOOOOOVE nail polish. Like in a scary kinda way. I always have my toes painted. Summer, winter, whenever. The whole “barefoot in bluejeans” thing is not just a name, its life for me. I hate shoes. I live in my flip flops or barefeet as long as I possibly can in a year. So I figure I should always rock some kind of funky toe polish if I’m going to show off my little piggy’s so much.

DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet

I saw this cabinet on… you guessed it! Its where I have gotten many of my projects already. My bed, my tables, and one I just finished this weekend but you guys haven’t seen yet (coming soon!) This cabinet was supposed to be for jewelry, but I don’t own a lot of jewelry, its really not my thing. However, what I lack in the bling, I more than make up for in nail


If you want to make one like this (and let me tell you, it was easy peasy lemon squeezy) then I will give you the incredibly short run down of how I changed it. You could use this for virtually anything that would fit. It would be a perfect “over the toilet” cabinet for all your bathroomy things.

DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet

Ok! First, go to and see the plans for the Wall Jewelry Cabinet. Ok got it??

First I built the frame, all 4 sides including the top and added the back. basically it will look like you have a drawer. Then I took 4) 1x3s and put pocket holes on the bottom ends and screwed them in, to make the shelves. (I also used 1x3s for the door instead of 1x2s) Its a super simple, minor adjustment to the plans, but gives you perfectly sized shelves for your DIY cabinet! You can even use the shelves to rest the door on so that you can attach the hinges. They work out great!

DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet

I used a very light layer of Minwax espresso and then a 15 min coat of Minwax classic grey. One coat of Poly and bingo, bango, youre in nail polish heaven.

This is a very easy build. Would be perfect for people just starting out, its also insanely cheap to make!

After adding all of my polishes I discovered I had quite a bit of room left for more colors, and some of my old ones really need to be thrown out. So I jumped online and bought a TON!!! They will be here Monday, WAHOOOOOO!!

As always, ask questions if you have them. I know I slacked on taking pics of the build for this one. So If I don’t make sense, then send me an email or leave me a comment and ill be happy to help ya.

DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet for nail polish

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