Hanging 12-Pane Window Frame Mirror


Old Window Frame Mirror

Yup. That 12-pane window frame mirror that I just made weighs twenty-two pounds. We had to check to see how heavy the thing was to make sure it was installed properly. I definitely wouldn’t want that mirror falling on my pinky toe. Yowzers! So when we hung it up we made sure to choose hanger-thingies and wire specifically strong enough to hold its weight. Safety first!


I brought our little bench from the breakfast room into the front entry to help decide how high the mirror should be hung.

Hanging 12-pane window mirror

Can you see me in the shadows playing with my tripod? Hahaha!

{Looking at this picture of the bench makes me want to paint the orange-y wood top of it so bad. Gah, it’s ugly.}I’m on the hunt for a chippy antique bench for this space but I’ve had no luck so far.

Window Frame Mirror Edge

My last pictures of this mirror weren’t the greatest so here’s a close-up of my wickedly awesome glazing. It sure does give it that extra bit of character.

Window Frame Pane

I’ve got a whole whack of posts coming your way over the next few weeks including blogging tips, custom framing stuff, more vintage finds. So don’t forget to come on back, k? See you soon!

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