My First Try at Full Metal Paint


The thing about full metal paint (FMP) is that it’s very, very long-lasting – years would go by without it dulling. However, that’s also an off-point about it; it’s harder to wipe off mistakes or repair damage. So, if I did this right, I’d have a solid, well-set paint job for years to come but if I did it wrong, I’d have a whole other project to do ahead of me.

Full Metal Paint

I decided I was up for the task and you can see how great it turned out –I’m genuinely so proud of it.



Chair Before

As you can see, this chair was really, really old and damaged. It was worn out and the paint had faded on each and every side that I turned. There were multiple scratches all over and many screws had come undone; so the chair was just about ready to collapse altogether. The paint was so bad that it had turned grey and even blackened as you can see at the top.

A lot had to be done, and I rolled up my sleeves and got to it!


Using Acrylic Full Metal Paint

This really is a matter of personal choice depending on the kind of art you want to do, and the techniques you want to employ; eventually you figure out the brands and varieties that most suit you.

I used regular acrylic paint because it’s relatively cheaper and this was my first try at FMP on wood. One thing that you need to know about FMP-on-wood is that there needs to be sufficient undercoating, sealers, and high adhesion primers to layer the FMP on top of. Only then will it add enough sophistication-slash-minimalism to the entire aesthetic of the wood.

Another important thing to remember when applying metal paint on wood is that the wood needs to be dry, clean, and degreased –otherwise, it’s going to start cracking when the paint has dried up.



Step by Step

  • Sand the wood with sandpaper
  • Mask the wood
  • Use damp cloth to remove dust
  • Seal and use a primer coat first
  • Apply the FMP


Chair After

So, I painted the entire chair white and added some hand-painted, black coating of birds and trees for a nature-close look. I put it in my garden near the shed for a cosy sitting space, and it looks absolutely gorgeous sitting there.

Can’t wait to do my next ones.


Full Metal Paint

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