I Redid My Grandfather’s Chest!


Most of my projects revolve around re-doing old, wooden, oak-like furniture and giving it a modern pastel-ish look. This drawer was no exception. Not only did this table need a make-over, but it needed a less scratch-apparent look that would also look good to the eye as well.

This looked ready for the junk pile, but I made it into a fabulous work of art! So I went with it and I’m super proud of how it all turned out!


Step by Step: From the Before to the After

Prepping the Drawer

This drawer was plenty old, and it actually gave off a rather unpleasant smell –that’s the first thing that had to go! So the first thing I did was a little bit of shellacing to get rid of the stench and some old, dark stains.

Grandfather Chest

Secondly, I filled in several places where the table was chipped and scratched. Wood filler is my new friend, so maybe now I won’t turn down those pieces with chipped off corners and veneer.

After I’d gotten rid of the smell, stains, and the chipped and broken pieces, it was time to paint it! I went with off-white, vintage-like shade. I mixed my own paint, and started layering the table up –and the prepping was all done!

Pasting the Poster

I found the Garden View Rose poster at Hobby Lobby.  Before pasting it, I taped it to the chest to see where I wanted it and ran a credit card along the drawers to crease the poster. When I had figured out where and how I wanted the poster, I pasted it.

Wherever the poster was starting to tear up, I folded it, mod-podged, laid the poster down and smoothed it out.  For any bubbles, I lifted poster up and smoothed back down from the middle to outside.

The Finishing Touches

After the paint was done, and the poster pasted, I left the table to dry overnight. In the morning, I sanded all the corners and edges, even those where the poster was. Then I sealed with polyacrylic for a long-lasting effect.


This was my grandfather’s chest that I converted into a modern, floral and colorful one. I also have a lamp that belonged to my grandmother and I may just re-do that to go along with this desk as well –pretty excited about it!

Transformed Grandfather Chest

I can use this desk as a storage space for placemats, or other kinds of kitchen and dining items. I’ll probably put this in the breakfast area in the house because my kitchen has become almost too colorful and floral.




  1. Beautiful.!!!!! QUESTION Do you do each drawer separately or cut away the poster in the spaces between the drawers?

    • Hey Pat – I cut away the poster in the spaces between the drawers, it would be very hard to do each drawer separately but considered it. I hope you liked it 🙂