New Wall Shelves in the Dining Room

A few weeks ago I bought two really expensive shelves by accident from Pottery Barn. They were the 3′ Crown Molding Shelves in Antique White. Well, they are here, they are installed in our dining room, and I love almost everything about them.
Crown Molding Shelf

Image – Pottery Barn

Crown Molding Shelf

Image – Pottery Barn

Here’s what I do love about the shelves: they fit in the space perfectly, they are very sturdy (and have a really awesome mounting system), and they are nice and chunky. (What can I say, I like my shelving chunky.)


The one thing that I’m not loving about the shelves though is how not-white the ‘Antique White’ is. They are sooooooooo yellow-y creamy.


I’ve tried living with them as-is for the last few weeks to see if I could get used to the color. As of today, I’ve officially decided to go ahead and paint them.

While I don’t particularly like the idea of buying things brand-new (that are kind of expensive) and then having to paint them – I think I will a lot happier in the long run if I do. It will be the difference between me really, really liking them, and me loving them.

So, a new can of Fresh Start Primer is on my to-do list to pick up this week. My goal is to have the shelves primed, painted, stained, and re-installed by Valentine’s Day. (You know it’s because I want to make a cute little Valentine’s Day display, right?)

In the meantime, here is a picture of how the shelves look right now – with a few little trinkets on ’em of course.

Dining Shelves

What do you think – am I crazy to paint them or would you do the same?


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