Designing an Entry Area Vignette for Harmony


I thought it was time to give my entry area a new “Hello here!” for the visitors who enter here. Your entry area has the job of introducing your family to visitors and I always strive for a bright and welcoming one.

When I decided to re-work the entry table, I had all the pieces except the wall clock I bought from a local shop after the fact – I just thought it finished the look perfectly.

Entry Area Vignette for Harmony

You can find these pretty elements online just as I did. The table itself, with its irresistible barn door detail came from Joss and Main. The dough bowl came from a store called Southern with Grace. Their website is overflowing with décor that lends itself perfectly to farmhouse and vintage style rooms. I shop here a lot – too often if you ask hubby. (But what does he know?)

I purchased the basket from a local vintage market and the flowers came from Hobby Lobby.


It’s important that when you create a vignette – in this case centered on the awkward side of a staircase – you achieve balance. When a room or a feature of the room isn’t balanced, people can actually FEEL the tension. When you’re creating a space that you want people – like potential home buyers – to feel comfortable and at ease. Balance is critical. Notice how the clock – just off-center of the table – balances the opposite side where there is more visual weight?

I’ve brought in natural materials like the woven basket, the greenery, and the wood in the dough bowl to ground the entire vignette. Never leave a room without a natural element.  A bit of nature works to makes those who enter the room feel safe, comforted, and welcome – a particularly critical emotional side of staging a house for sale. (It also works for family members and guests. It’s hard to be tense or disagreeable in the presence of growing things.)

Finally, please notice that the color palette of this arrangement is soothing and calming. There are no bright pops of color here – just peace and harmony. This area is where visitors get their first impression of my home and my family. With this collection of inexpensive items, I hope to subtly display the way I want guests to feel when they are.

I’m anxious to hear how your house introduces itself to visitors. Send pictures, please.


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