Just Finished This Boho Inspired 12 Drawer Dresser – And I’m Loving It!


The Before

I bought this wooden drawer from a thrift store for its size, a sort of retro-look and an almost nature-friendly appeal. It takes up little space, and in that space, it has a dozen drawers.

Boho drawer dresser before

However, while I’m a big fan of utility-based products, something didn’t sit quite well about this piece of furniture when I brought it home and sat it in the foyer.


It had that wooden look going on and it had that forest-like rustic appeal to it, but something seemed to be missing –it was plain, dull, lacked luster, and honestly, it was boring to look at.

So I thought I would DIY and spice it up a bit.

The In-Between

As you can see, the make-over included adding a more rustic appeal to the wooden furniture, bringing it closer to nature than before. I added white mandellas for the boho dresser vibes and changed the doorknobs to make them slightly more modern and up-to-date. And here’s how I did it.

Boho drawers

Step By Step

  • I sanded and stained using Varathane weathered grey stain.
  • After it was dry then added a layer of Minwax Espresso stain.
  • Once that was dry, I dry brushed Behr antique white and smoothed it in using a rag, then dry brushed again on top of that.
  • I stenciled the mandalas using the antique white again then waxed using Minwax clear wax over the whole piece.
  • I changed out all the hardware for some sweet ones I’ve been sitting on for a while!
  • I painted the hardware using white enamel then used silver leaf Rub n’buff on them.

side of Boho drawer dresser

I love how it all came together. Definitely not my normal style for sure!

Get Up-Close and Personal

You can see that the dry brushing really worked in giving it that rustic aesthetic, and a scratched, worn-out feel. The paint looks almost foresty, and it goes well with my wooden floors and the minimalist white décor.

side of Boho drawer dresser

You can get Mandella stencils from the market, but a better option would probably be to print them out. Online, the possibilities of the Mandella designs and colors are endless, and DIY-ing may be hard but stencil printing is not.

The After

What came out was a beautiful, tri-mandella, rustic-but-modern, minimalist design. I topped the grey-white spectrum with a contrasting golden vase and royal-purple flowers.

Boho dresser

I gotta say, I’m loving it!



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