Easter Egg Votive Holder – Pottery Barn Knock-off


Easter Egg Votive Holder

Have you received your Pottery Barn catalog yet?  Mine showed up on Saturday, and as always, I immediately looked through it.  When I flipped to page 10 and saw the Beaded Egg Votive Holders I knew right away that I could make those little beauties.  Best of all, I’d finally found a use for the caps I’d been saving from the Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls and Crescent Rolls!

Pottery Barn Knock-offs

This project was more fun than I could have imagined so I ended up making two of them.  There’s a little bit of a story behind that.  When I showed my husband the catalog picture and then the one I made with the clear glass beads his comment was, “You don’t have the larger beads.”  That being the case, I went the next day and picked up the pink beads to make it look more like the catalog version. I didn’t add as many beads to it because I wanted to show you a simpler version as well.   I’m not done yet though, I’d like to have one in blue and green as well!


Want to make an Easter Egg votive holder  too?  What if I told you I made the clear one for less than $2.00 and the pink one for less than $8.00, now are you in?!?!?!


My supplies included:  20 gauge Aluminum Wire, Glass Beads, Chenille Stems, Candle (with or without a holder), and the end caps from Pillsbury packages.

Pillsbury End Caps

This is why I have a hard time letting go of my recycling material, you just never know when you’ll need it for a craft project.  Here’s a tip, the cardboard doesn’t always come out clean from the rim.  Carefully trim it off using an Exact-o knife, I don’t want any comments you had to have stitches because of this project!

Glass Beads

I began by placing my glass beads on to the wire.  The photo shows the ends taped.  I learned the hard way it is better to curl them!  I didn’t count out each bead but rather measured my chenille stems and wire then cut them at 7.5 inches.  If I had to guess you are thinking this took a ridiculous amount of time, right?  I timed it for you, each piece took slightly over 2 minutes.  There are six of them so that’s just about 12 minutes, so it’s really not bad.

Chenille Spacing

Next I made a circle with a single stem of the chenille.  You’ll notice I marked the end cap so that each of the beads and stems was evenly spaced.  There are two different colors so I would remember to alternate between beads and stems as I went around the circle.

Sun Shape

Here’s what it looks like once each one has been wrapped around the circle.

Hot Glue

After that it was just a matter of using my hot glue gun to attach the other end to the end cap, which was also marked like the previous one.


Trial and error disclaimer: I ended up flipping this over at this point.  What was going to be the top was better suited for the bottom.

Bead Spacing

Here is the more tedious part.  I strung long (approximately 12″) pieces of wire with glass beads and began attaching it to the side by wrapping the wire.  The bead spacing chart will help make that clear.

Pink Votive Holder

This pink Easter Egg votive holder doesn’t have as much bead work on it, but I think it turned out just as beautiful.  These look gorgeous sitting on top of my mantle, especially considering they are a fraction of the cost!!

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