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diy alligatorpainting final

DIY: Alligator Painting for Nursery Room

Happy Monday everyone! If you can’t tell, I’ve been in a DIY mood lately. Maybe it’s because it’s getting cold outside or maybe it’s because we’re rapidly…

triangle dot pattern painting project

DIY Triangle Dot Pattern Painting Project

Here’s a simple DIY art project to take on this weekend! After a trip to see the Jeff Koons: A Retrospective exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art, I…

rustic console table

DIY Rustic Console Table

Well, we are half way through summer and I have been slacking SO badly on my blog here. Summer holidays have really messed up my…

DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet

DIY Wall Jewelry Cabinet

I LOOOOOVE nail polish. Like in a scary kinda way. I always have my toes painted. Summer, winter, whenever. The whole “barefoot in bluejeans” thing…

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