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Painted Dining Room Shelves

Freshly Painted Dining Room Shelves

I adore my newly painted shelves so much that I now lovingly refer to them as my ‘shelfies’. No, seriously though. I can’t believe that I…

Wall Shelves

New Wall Shelves in the Dining Room

A few weeks ago I bought two really expensive shelves by accident from Pottery Barn. They were the 3′ Crown Molding Shelves in Antique White. Well, they…

triangle dot pattern painting project

DIY Triangle Dot Pattern Painting Project

Here’s a simple DIY art project to take on this weekend! After a trip to see the Jeff Koons: A Retrospective exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art, I…

12-Pane Window Frame Mirror

Hanging 12-Pane Window Frame Mirror

Yup. That 12-pane window frame mirror that I just made weighs twenty-two pounds. We had to check to see how heavy the thing was to make sure it was…

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