Fun Vintage Lamp DIYs


One of the easiest ways to make your space more appealing is by adding new touches to your old decor standbys like lamps. It’s simple to transform a boring, plain lampshade or stand into an exciting, vintage-inspired standout piece. The little details on pieces like this really make the space look professional and pulled-together, but still reflect your personal style. Here are some easy and fun vintage lamp DIYs.

Hanging Mason Jar Lamps

One of the easiest ways to create a chic lamp for your kitchen, bathroom, or living space is by using an old mason jar. You can fill the mason jar with any type of light bulb, but Edison bulbs are currently very trendy. They give off a vintage industrial look that really stands out in your space. On WoonBlog, Britt and Tom hung their own mason jar Edison bulbs using a simple chandelier hanging fixture. If you don’t want to use mason jars, you could also consider using old bottles of liquor or wine.


Vintage Map Lampshade

Vintage Map Lampshade

Pretty Handy Girl

If you have a plain lampshade that you’d like to add a bit of pizazz to, try this easy vintage map DIY. All you need are some old maps you like (you should be able to find them at a local thrift store or online), as well as decoupage supplies. Blogger Brittany made her vintage map lampshade using old pages from an atlas. The result is a decor piece that looks very chic and worldly.

Top Hat Shade

This fun and quirky DIY looks great in a kitchen or den. Transforming an old classic top hat into a lamp will certainly give your room a unique look, and it’s a very simple project that anyone can do. All you’ll need is a top hat, a light bulb, and cords. You can either hang your top hat lamp from the ceiling or use it as a standing light if you have a good base already. Blogger Mr. Kate shows you how it’s done here.

Vintage Doily Shade

If you’re looking for something uber-girly to add to your space, try this vintage doily lampshade idea. You can purchase vintage doilies at local thrift stores, and adding them to your lamp is an easy way to spruce up your living space. Blogger Maize created her doily shade by stitching vintage doilies to a frame. It’s a very easy project to do and gives a sweet touch to any space.

These cute lamp DIYs add a quirky and fun touch to any space. They are very simple and easy to make at home, and you can use materials that you’d find at your local thrift store.

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