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Curbside Cabinet Turned Classy with Pure & Original Classico Paint | Anastasia Vintage

Curbside Cabinet Turned Classy with Pure & Original Classico Paint


Hello! I’m so thrilled to be joining you here at Colorways today! My name is Stacy, and I blog over at Anastasia Vintage, a little corner of the web where my husband and I bring unloved vintage pieces back to life. On my blog, you’ll find DIY furniture revival projects, vintage-inspired crafts, DIY tutorials, and tips & tricks for adding timeless style to your space. Stop by for a visit some time – we’d love to have you!

If you’ve ever visited my blog, you’ll know that I’ve had a bit of an obsession with grey lately. In recent months, I’ve dabbled with blue-grey,

I’ve played around with layers of light grey,
and I’ve even done some pieces with grey stain (a personal fave of mine!)
(You can read more about each of these on my blog by clicking the photos above).

One thing I hadn’t yet found, though, was the perfect, neutral grey. Grey can be a temperamental color, with a noticeable blue or brown undertone, and the color can change depending on the other color(s) it’s paired with. And that can be a bit of a bummer.

That is, it was until I found my new favorite – Pigeon Grey by Pure & Original.

I found this cabinet curbside one Saturday morning a few weeks ago, when a woman in my neighborhood was cleaning out a relative’s home.


I knew those classic lines were just dying for a classic color, and Pure & Original Classico Paint in Pigeon Grey was the ideal choice. But like many pieces of this style, the cabinet was made of laminate-covered particle board for the body and resin for the doors. These can be a furniture painter’s nightmare, since most paints don’t adhere well to them without lots of sanding and/or priming.
So I decided to take a chance and really put Classico to the test. I gave the body a light sanding, and did nothing to the doors except cleaning them well. I’m a rebel, I know 🙂
Just like with my Pure & Original painted end tables, the paint went on like butter with great coverage. Even though it doesn’t require a topcoat, I finished the cabinet off with clear and black wax to add some sheen and highlight the details even more.
Here’s the finished product!



For a surprise pop of color on the inside, a couple of coats of Classico in Libo Bay did the trick. And best of all, I’m happy to report that Classico passed my test with flying colors and adhered to the laminate and resin perfectly!


I love the way Pure & Original added a touch of class to this dated cabinet.

Click the link over in Leslie’s sidebar if you want to give Pure & Original Classico a try – you won’t be disappointed!


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